Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Top 10 Reasons Why #BlackFriday Would be Shittiest Day for a #Zombie Apocalypse to Break Out

Original photo by Kate Moir Photography

10.  Traffic, need I say more. 

9. Now you'll never be able to watch "the big game" on that ridiculously huge TV you just saved 50% on. 

8. No one will be around to deliver all the hot merchandise you scoured by ordering online.  

7. It turns out a mall is actually a horrible place to try to hold up in a zombie apocalypse, seeing as to the fact that a large percentage of the populace was already there shopping when the disease broke out.

6. You can forget about taking the kids to see Santa this year.

5. There's a strong probability that the babysitter you left your kids with, so you could go shopping, is now a zombie.

4. It's much harder to run away from zombies when you have a Thanksgiving hangover. 

3. Unless your holiday plans involved holding up in bunker until the rest of the world's population inevitably starves to death, they're pretty much screwed.

2. All of that stuff you thought you were getting a great discount on just became free, so now you've overpaid AND you won't get a chance to use any of it.

1. Crowds become so much worse when people start biting each other.

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