Friday, September 19, 2014

Crown Phoenix Series #Review @AlisonDeLuca

I've previously posted a reviw on the first book in this series The Night Watchman Express,  which you can find here.

I then read the next three so closely together that I didn't see the point in reviewing them in different posts. I don't have a lot of time to read these days, so I sacrificed much sleep to read these books because I love them.

About the Book: 

In The Night Watchman Express, Miriam and Simon were kidnapped and thrown on the strange train... Now in Book Two of The Crown Phoenix series, they arrive at the terrifying destination known as Devil's Kitchen. 

There they will face human experiments in a laboratory known as The Infirmary. 

Miriam will be forced to work in an underground factory. 

Simon is held in a luxurious prison by jailers who are as beautiful as they are deadly...

And their courage will be tested to the breaking point.

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About the Book :

Lizzie and her sister are forced to work in a huge manor and on a steamship to support their family.

They are caught up in several mysteries:

The squire’s oldest son cannot leave the attic
An old typewriter seems to move time and space
A passenger hides in a secret room
A beautiful visitor is plotting against them

And Lizzie discovers that she has a strange, new ability.

She and her sister must discover the secrets of The Lamplighter’s Special before their enemy catches up with them.

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About the Book:

An Edwardian hospital hides many secrets:

A mysterious patient lurks in the cellar... 
A secret passage leads to danger... 
Coded messages reveal new riddles... 
Visions of danger haunt the people of Grimstead Manor… 

Lizzie and Miriam find horror, adventure, and romance surrounding the strange vessel known as The South Sea Bubble.

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My Review : 

These books get more and more intense as you go along, which is what any good book series should do.

You get to meet new characters to fall in love with, and seriously come to loathe Barbra Cantwell. She's a very well written villain, all silk and honey on top but bitter poison in the soul.

More mystery unravels as you go along too. Just as one question is answered two more pop up. This makes for solid pacing and many late night reading sessions.

As far as YA appropriate, there is a prevailing drug scheme throughout the middle books.  None of the main characters use it, and it's either a made up drug or one I've never heard of (I'm too lazy to look it up). The drug is always referred to as horrible, and the awful effects of its consumption are clearly illustrated. I don't think it's bad, however, I know everyone has different boundaries. There's also a bit of swearing, but nothing too heavy or too often.

Overall, I'd put the series as a must read for fans of fantasy, YA, steampunk,  or mystery. There's even some romance mixed in there.

I really loved these books and look forward to the next installment.

About the Author:
Image of Alison DeLuca
Alison DeLuca is a writer of urban fantasy for young adults. She was born in Arizona and has also lived in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Mexico, Ireland, and Spain. As a teacher she taught every grade level in every kind of school district possible.

She currently lives in New Jersey with her husband and daughter.




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