Wednesday, September 24, 2014

#Kidscrafts to Tear Your Hair Out To- Tissue Ghosts

This craft featuring common household products is a simple and fun way to let your children prepare for Halloween... In theory.

Step 1: 

After the kids are done with their tantrums about art time being lame,  gather them around. 

Produce a box of tissue. 

Be prepared for every single one of your kids to suddenly have the unsupressable need to blow their nose.

Step 2:

Demonstrate how to wad one tissue and place it in the center of another. 

*Note: Before doing this step be sure to have children throw away all "snot" tissues, else the mucusy productions of thier noses become the center of their ghost's heads.

Have children wad their own tissues. 

Be prepared for your child who so deftly wads important paperwork to throw at their sibling's head, to become completely incompetent in the art of wading and require your assistance. 

*Note: It's best to keep a spare box of tissue hidden during this project. 

Calm your nerves and remind yourself that if you make the kids pause to clean up all the tissue they shredded while you had your back turned that you'll never make it through this project. 

Step 3: 

After you finish stuffing all of the tissue ghost heads for your children, demonstrate for them how to use string to tie a bow at the base of the ghost's head.

Be prepared for your oldest child to completely forget what string is and be mystified by its magical knot making abilities. Before being completely taken aback by this,  remind yourself that this is the same child who tucks his shoelaces into the sides of his shoes rather than ties them. 

Have a startling revelation about your child's competence. 

Note: During this step it is important to periodically check and make sure that your child hasn't tied up one of their siblings and/or friends with an entire ball of string. 

Step 4:

After using scissors to remove enough odds and ends of string from the varied and creative places your children found to tie it to for you to secure bows at the end of each of their ghost's heads, demonstrate how to draw a face.

After your child uses the marker so violently that they tear through their ghost, return to step one and start over.

And this. There's always this.
Img src: Zirkle. Com

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