Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F is for Foreign Invasion of the Space Variety: A to Z Apocalypses #atoachallenge

There are a million stories about alien invasions and probably a billion theories as to how one would go down. 

We have a fearcination (yes, I just made a word up) with the universes unknown. From films like 1953's It Came From Outer Space to shows such as Falling Skys (2011-), there's a fierce portrayal of just how nasty it could to find out we're not alone in the universe.

There's the fear that when we're greeted with a species smarter than us, we'll become their slaves.

Or food. There's always that possibility.

In a fair amount of these stories, the aliens' arrival signifies more than the invasion of Earth. It's also the invasion of our bodies, which makes it one most terrifying apocalypses of all.

Going back to Falling Skies, the children are kidnapped and implanted with harnesses that put them under the control of the aliens and slowly change their bodies into a very nonhuman form. In the 1983 mini series V, the aliens took on a human appearance and conducted mating experiments.

Just so we'e clear, you got your looks from your father.
In the alien abduction stories people tell, there's often talk of being examined and experimented on. Thus the antic about aliens probing people's anuses.

A scenario such as the one portrayed in Independence Day certainly seems the preferable type of alien invasion. That's right, aliens indiscriminately blowing the whole of humanity to kingdom come from a safe, non touching distance. Except of course for that scene where Brent Spiner gets used as ventriloquist dummy.

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